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Enhance industry positioning

A fresh way to engage, bringing your story to life

It is often the case that a company will sponsor an event and, in return have their branding displayed. In our Challenge Events, however, we invite you to take this a step further. We will partner with you, so that we can understand your company’s vision and objectives, enabling us to weave them in to the narrative of the event. This creates a captivating multi-dimensional event, which allows participants not only to see your brand but also to experience and interact with its message. 

Creative communication

We love being creative and bringing new and unique experiences to our participants. Your idea combined with our highly flexible approach, mean that we can create something personalised and distinctive for your company.

Wider than you might think

Our challenges are not limited to one-off annual events. We can integrate challenge elements both prior to and after the event. How about pre-event training sessions where participants can learn new skills? Perhaps teams could earn points before your event by completing challenges in a bespoke smartphone app? It is even possible to engage the general public in real time, using social media, in a way that impacts the challenge and raises the profile of your event significantly. 

Newsworthy stories

When we put on a Challenge Event it isn’t just about having an impact on the participants, we reach much wider, to families, friends, spectators and to the public. This is about creating news that engages people on social media, TV and on the internet. This is about creating stories, memories and photos, and passing them on.

The power of an image

Our challenge events make for iconic imagery that speaks a thousand words. Imagine crowds of people in vibrant event clothing in the centre of London. Or team abseiling down the rock faces of the Sinai Peninsula looking over the sea. We create visual impact. Where do you have in mind? 

Develop B2B relationships

If you’re looking to enhance you’re positioning within an industry and engage key stakeholders, our challenge events offer an incredibly cost effective solution, by brining together partners, contractors and even competitors on an event built on your message. Getting out of the office and facing a new engaging challenges is a prime ground for building new relationships and networking.

Complete solution

We can take care of everything or work with your marketing and communications teams to create the best brand experience. 
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