CSR and Fundraising Events


Raising awareness of issues

Supporting national priorities

Making your CSR programs visible

Actions speak louder than words

Companies, their employees and customers hold the power to do enormous good for society. Sometimes, it just takes a creative idea to capture the imagination and engage people in something inspiring. Our creative CSR events & programmes generate social good and powerfully demonstrate your company’s contribution: actions speak louder than words.

Raising money 

One highly practical way of supporting good causes is to raise money; challenge fundraising events are highly effective. When ordinary staff step out to do something extraordinary, friends and family will step up to sponsor them and the cause they represent. On many occasions, companies themselves will pay for teams to enter, understanding the development value to the business as well as the opportunity to back a good cause. 

Our challenges have raised over $1m USD for causes including The Disabled Children’s Society and Action on Diabetes.

Developing the next generation

Progressive companies understand that they can have a positive role in developing young people and students. A widely recognised, ongoing challenge in tertiary education is preparing students to work in business teams and leadership roles. Using our expertise in corporate people development, we have created industry-sponsored programmes and events which bring the best contemporary L&D solutions to student groups. Programmes combine a variety of teaching and learning methodologies through experiential courses, humanitarian assignments, expeditions, project work, coaching, interactive seminars and more!
Challenge Events stand at the centre of these programmes; high-impact and high-profile development experiences which bring create deep personal insights and learning that no number of lectures can achieve. 

Raising awareness

Our stand-out skill, is weaving a compelling narrative into our events. These stories raise awareness for all those who take part and more importantly, creates powerful content to get the message out into the mass media. A unique event with an important message told in a  creative way has the power to cut through media noise. Our events have successfully communicated CSR messages including:

 – The importance of preserving water resources
 – How to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
 – The importance of developing renewable energy
 – Steps towards a healthy lifestyle