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Red Rock International was founded to build and develop teams, leaders and individuals. Our expertise stems from 14 years of international experience delivering experiential training for some of the world’s most successful companies. We recognise that building a team of 20 is different to 200 or even 2,000.  Our Corporate Challenge Events are opportunities to develop individuals’ abilities to work together. They also enable the development and strengthening of relationships across the whole company. Are you ready to take team building to the next level?
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Immersive Simulations

We specialise in creating immersive simulations that model your company. As a result, participant engagement increases and learning outcomes are embedded when teams go back to work. When combined with powerful, facilitated reviews which help participants to reflect on personal and team behaviours, the effectiveness of the simulation increases further.  

To date, Red Rock International has built events with narratives based on the oil and gas, construction, marketing and pharmaceutical industries to name a few. The simulations can also be designed to address specific issues and challenges that your company faces.

For example, if you are experiencing difficulty with working as remote teams we might suggest a challenge where teams share a common objective but must work in separate locations. This could be on different sides of a mountain, in multiple cities or even different countries. How about a simulation focused on creating and implementing plans under pressure. Our simulations can be used to create a “pressure cooker” in which teams must think fast and act faster in order to succeed.

Leadership Development

It may be tempting to think that great leaders are born leaders, but the reality is that whatever natural abilities we have will only bear fruit through willingness to work and a commitment to learn.

Our Challenge Events are fantastic opportunities for aspiring and experienced leaders to develop new skills and to hone the ones they already have. By stepping outside the office and into unfamiliar territory, participants find themselves in a position where the only way forward is to think creatively, to work collaboratively and to lead their teams in a way that inspires outstanding performance.

To bring out the best in your leaders we would recommend sessions prior to challenge to equip your staff with theoretical content that can be put in to practice on the challenge.

Part of a wider programme

A one-off event is hugely beneficial, but embedding it as part of a wider development programme increases those positive outcomes exponentially. We can create a tailored programme that includes workshops and training modules before the event, equipping teams to perform well and encouraging them to practice new skills. Post-event, group and individual reviews and coaching sessions enable participants to reflect on their performance, recognise desirable behavioural changes and set fresh targets for outstanding performance in the future.
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