Healthy Lifestyle

Encouraging healthy behaviours

Raising awareness of issues

Promoting sustainable patterns of exercise

Improving wellbeing

A Healthy Workforce

A healthy lifestyle has profound implications on both work and personal life with direct links to better mental health and productivity. By encouraging your staff to live healthier lives you will see a multitude of benefits.

Red Rock International was founded on a love for the outdoors and it is still a key aspect in many of our staff’s lives.

Eye opening challenges

Our Challenge Events open up new possibilities of healthy living that will engage and inspire.

We are firm believers in people working together, which is why we love team based challenges. Being part of a team encourages people to push harder, faster and further than they thought was possible. Many people have personal barriers that hold them back, but by overcoming theses hurdles people become inspired to go further.

We work to highest standards of Health and Safety drawing on our extensive experience to create a Challenge that suits the company and the participants. We can offer a broad range of activities utilising a variety of locations from your company HQ or a local park to the sea and the mountains.

Lifestyle programmes

With the Challenge as the target to aim form we are able to develop a programme that focuses on long term habits including, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices. This could include training sessions leading up to the event, guides to help people in their journey and interactive and interactive web content.